You'll Despise Yourself

by searching the shores for my jackie, oh

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released March 17, 2017



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searching the shores for my jackie, oh Kazan, Russia

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Track Name: I Hate Your Lifestyle
I still remember the night skies we saw and the bus stop where we last met… Suspense is now my only companion. Every time you fall down, I get up.
Track Name: More Than One Hour
Once we'll meet again but I don't want it to be. It's strange because I’m literally afraid of myself; being alone more than 1 hour. It makes me paranoid. The judgment is unavoidable.
Track Name: Possession
I was trying to make decisions. To make things better. I built purposes and lived with a daydream but nothing worked. Help me to cope with my thoughts. And get me off to sleep. Don't leave me.
Track Name: Two-Tone Snakeskin Boots With Rolled Sleeves
Let me become the strongest fortress and you'll be safe. Let me become cold-hearted at the top of the highest mountain and you will never see me shattered into pieces. Forget me. Forget me. Forget me not.
Track Name: Crush On You
I wasn't able to breathe in because of realizing the distinctions we really have. My words don't mean anything. My actions are meaningless signs. All I need is to handle the reality with my trembling hands, but I can't.
Track Name: I'll Ask Her
We used to support each other in difficult moments, wondering how we'll go through it. A point - an explosion. But I still remember the way we trust, the way we hope.
Track Name: I Listen To A Park Jefferson Song And Go Back To Bed
Life is a cyclic fail. Tell me how to be nobody for you like I used to. Sinking ships, old railways. Keep it close. It's only a nightmare. You have never lived the same, you have never. I don't want to live in hope while you breathe.
Track Name: Even Then You're Weak